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If you have ever crossed the country, the continent, or even the world to be in a motorsport event.

If your meaning of “rest-day” is to get your hands dirty, back in the garage, preparing your car for the track.

Or, if your most treasured picture is the one with your friends at a Rally stage, after driving an insane amount of hours, and sleeping who knows where…

Then, my friend, you are one of us.

Motor Fanatics was created in 2016 with the goal of sharing the essence of motorsport with a unique style.

We understand that Motorsport belongs to everybody: fans, mechanics, content creators, engineers, marshalls, drivers, photographers, sim racers, etc. And here, we will intend to give visibility to all of them creating quality content about motorsport culture, and more related topics.

Welcome to Motor Fanatics.

Motor Fanatics
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